Posted on 04-01-2009
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Koz Huseyin asked:

When looking to buy a telescope, you will find that they could easily cost you several hundred dollars, even over a thousand dollars, for a good telescope. This can make serious room to find a telescope best buy. As you read this article, you will find how I go about finding the best places to buy telescopes.

To buy a good telescope, the best places to buy telescopes would seem to be at a store that specializes in telescopes and astronomy. But, the truth is, that these stores can be hard to find. They are not like McDonald’s, and it is unlikely you have a store locally.

If you are lucky enough to have a specialized store that specializes in telescopes, then you have likely found one of the best places to buy telescopes. So, what happens if you don’t have a local store that sells telescopes?

At this point, you can go 2 ways with finding the best places to buy telescopes, and find a telescope best buy. The first is to buy a new telescope or buy a used telescope. If you really want to find a telescope best buy, then used telescopes can be a great way to find a bargain.

Finding them is not so difficult, with a bit of research. Classified ads in local papers sometimes can unearth a gem. Another option if this doesn’t work is to place an ad in the wanted section of a local paper.

The problem with buying used telescopes is that it likely is old, and may have some problems. It is important to look at the optics and the tripod and mount, to see if it has any damage. Even little damage with the optics, can mean that your telescope is not as powerful as a new model, with lower specifications.

In spite of this, sometimes you can find a real bargain. If you are looking to buy a big telescope, then used telescopes, can give you a cheaper way to buy a telescope, at the best prices.

Specialist stores are great; however, if you have been to one, you will likely see high prices. The best way I get telescope best buys, is by going online. The internet connects the whole world, and finding specialist telescope stores online, seems to be very easy to do.

The prices online, I have found are significantly cheaper than any telescope store I have been to. Another interesting point, is that some of those specialist telescope stores, have websites, and their online prices, are usually cheaper, than in store prices!

This is usually down to the fact, that to the store, a website is a cheaper solution, than holding staff to sell the telescopes. This benefit generally comes back to you, with a telescope best buy. I find that online offers the best places to buy telescopes.

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